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Avellino Test 




How to get a quick & painless Covid test free!



Step 1: Complete the Avellino Registration Form

then return to this site to schedule


Important notes while filling out registration form for Avellino

A. If you have no insurance, please type "uninsured" in the registration form where it asks for your insurance

B. Enter your SSN and please make sure to check the box at the bottom of the registration form

C. Do NOT use the location drop down menu in the registration form

D. Your results will be emailed to you.


Step 2: Make an Appointment by clicking on Schedule & Locations, you are done

Step 3: Please bring your current state or federal issued ID, SSN & Insurance Card




(Children must have a guardian and bring SSN and you must be a US citizen to qualify)

New test methods are no longer uncomfortable for children, we offer these painless, accurate tests for FREE. 


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This is a program that is intended to provide free Covid19 tests for US citizens, please be prepared to provide a current state or federally issued ID, SSN & insurance card to the medical technician. GoLab reserves the right to terminate all site healthcare activities at any time for any reason.

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